Mark Trapp

About Mark

Hello, I’m Mark. I am a software engineer. I live in Portland, Oregon, where my beard fits right in.

Technical expertise


I’ve been working with PHP since the release of PHP 4 in 2001, and at a professional level since 2004. I've embraced the modern PHP movement, including Composer, the PHP-FIG standards, and package/library-driven development. I have professional experience with almost all of the popular web content management systems and frameworks, including Code Igniter, Drupal,1 Laravel, Symfony, Silex, and Zend.


I have extensive experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS), building and deploying production-level applications using most of the ecosystem.

I also have done extensive work with stack and development environment provisioning via Chef, Packer, Puppet, and Vagrant and have designed production-ready build systems with Phing, Ant, and Rake.

Other languages

I have a working knowledge and some experience with the following:

  • Ruby: scripting, microservice maintenance, and Jekyll plugin development
  • JavaScript: browser extensions and front-end development (mainly jQuery)

I have had training in C, C++, Java, Common Lisp, Lua, and Objective-C (Cocoa), but I have not had many reasons to use them in several years. I can read and understand the flow of most other languages.

Other knowledge

Because of my professional background, I understand and have an appreciation for most of the basic principles of design and typography. I am a big proponent of Agile and the Scrum process, and I am a Certified ScrumMaster.

Due to my educational background, I am formally trained in analytical reasoning, symbolic logic, and argumentation. In addition, I am a Dale Carnegie training graduate, for which I received the highest award for achievement.

Finally, because of my interests and hobbies, I have an appreciation for game design, including gamification and what makes a game fun to play.

Current work

I'm currently working on the cloud engineering division at Acquia. My current work involves designing and implementing backend services to power Acquia's Cloud UI, including authentication, configuration management, continuous integration, and notification services.

Past work

Prior to Acquia, I worked for a marketing and design agency named Bear Brook—and its subsidiary, Brandopoly2—for about 10 years. My responsibilities included the management of the Bear Brook's computers and servers, implementation of security and disaster-recovery protocols, development of web services for clients, and acting as the technical liaison for vendors and clients.

In 2008, Bear Brook transitioned all of its employees from working full-time at a physical space to full-time contractors out of virtual office. I designed and implemented the systems that made that transition possible, including file servers, VPNs, and remote computer management.

In 2009, I took over the development of a new initiative to create a version of Brandopoly for small businesses, the first major development on the Brandopoly product in 5 years.

In 2011, I transitioned to the Lead Developer role of Brandopoly and over the next two years designed and oversaw the complete rewrite of its enterprise product, its first rewrite since its initial development in 2003.

Interests and hobbies

While I don’t like flying, I like to travel on the open road when I get the chance. In college, I traveled cross-country over 10 days from New York to California, visiting Chicago, Madison, the Badlands, Montana, Washington, and the Oregon coast along the way. Recently, I’ve taken trips out to see all of the Cascades.

Owing to the traveling or a childhood fascination with maps, I also have a deep interest in geography and cartography.3 Fun trivia: I won my school's geography bee when I was in 7th grade and made it to the New YorK State bee, where I promptly lost when I confused "magma" with "lava".

Since college, I've been interested in learning to read languages other than English, though I'm terrible at conversational speech in them. I can generally read French and Esperanto, and am currently working through the various Japanese scripts (Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji). I've also taken an interest in learning dead programming languages.

Finally, when I can find the time, I also enjoy playing video games: mostly strategy games and games with a strong narrative focus. Every year I write up a list of games I enjoyed that year: you can find these on my blog.

Social media and contact

You can find out how to contact me on my contact page and my full qualifications at a glance can be found on my résumé. You can also find me on any of the following social sites:

  1. I maintain a contrib module on, Date Popup Authored, as well as a few forks and one-off modules on GitHub. As part of my experience working in Drupal-focused companies, I've contributed a number of patches to various modules and core. I also happen to be certified by Acquia

  2. I wrote a little more about what Bear Brook and Brandopoly were in a blog post and in the projects section

  3. Winkel tripel projection for life!