Mark Trapp



PSR-0 should not be deprecated

While PSR-4 supersedes PSR-0’s autoloading specification, PSR-0’s folder hierarchy requirements still have value and should not be thrown away.

OAuth for Dummies

OAuth is a tricky beast, but once the general workflow is worked out, it’s more tedious than difficult.


Anatomy of an Argument

Every argument can be reduced down to three different parts: any argument can be understood or defeated by identifying these parts.

Who needs Friendship? Nobody

Both sides of the Friendship aisle miss the point: Friendship is a disposition one finds oneself in, not something to strive for.

Friendship in the digital world (Part 2)

Friendship differs from other relationships in one key respect: friends aren’t in it for personal gain, but to achieve something that makes each other better.


The end of an era

On January 31st, my long-term contract with Bear Brook and Brandopoly will end. After 7 years, I’m officially a free agent.


Internet access is a human right

One only needs to look back to the early 20th century to see the profound effect of making rights enablers themselves human rights.

Dr. Private Message

Or: How I learned to stop worrying and love the web. We ought not to fear because the problem of private messages is too hard: we ought to fear because we’ve already solved them yet won’t use that knowledge.

Real-time killed the web 2.0 star

The real-time web renders the old web 2.0 convention of following tons of people obsolete: filters replace follows, and trying to maintain the old order will break your user experience of what’s to come.

URL Shorteners Are Playing with Fire

URL shorteners, due to their very nature, may be on borrowed time. One step by Google and the entire industry collapses like the house of cards it is.

All Likes Are Not Created Equal

Facebook still doesn’t hold a torch to the basic user experience of FriendFeed not because it isn’t trying, but because of the rules it’s decided to play by.

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

Before testing out the latest shiny toy, take a few minutes and ask yourself a few pointed questions about whether or not it’s a Good Idea.

On Apple, FriendFeed, and Techmeme

When discussing about a subject that you’re passionate about, it’s important to take a step back and figure out if you’re providing a reasonable argument about it.

Armchair Entrepreneuring

We need to change how we approach early adopter feedback: stop thinking about “they clearly messed up, those idiots” and start thinking about “why did they do it this way?”