Mark Trapp

Date Popup Authored

Date Popup Authored provides a jQuery UI-based datepicker for the "Authored on" date field found on node submission forms. This allows content editors to pick a human-understandable date and not have to type the exact date format of the default Authored on field.

Installation and configuration

Install as you would any other Drupal module. See the Drupal handbook page on installing contributed modules for further information.

You can change the behavior of the date-picker by going to the settings page for each content type.


Since Date Popup Authored allows you to choose a date format that's less specific than the default date format Drupal uses for the Authored on field, it will insert default data if you use a more simplified date format.

For example, if the date format you've configured doesn't include a time, when the node is saved, the Authored on time will be set to 12:00AM. Similarly, if you don't include the ability to choose a month, the Authored on month will be set to January (i.e. month 1).

So, if you care about the time a post is authored, make sure you allow the user to set it in the date format. See installation for more information.

Future development

Drupal 6

The Drupal 6 version of Date Popup Authored is unmaintained except for any potential security fixes. Once Drupal 8 is released, the Drupal 6 version will become completely unsupported.

Drupal 7

There are currently no to-do items for the Drupal 7 version, but if you run into any issues, feel free to file a bug report or support request in the issue queue.

Drupal 8

The functionality this module provides is being considered for core inclusion:

Because of this, hopefully a Drupal 8 version will not be needed.


Date Popup Authored was inspired by the hacks provided by brice and Rob Loach in the Date module issue, "Use Date Popup on 'Authored on' field." It contains additional fixes to account for problems found in their solution, new configuration options, Drupal 7 support, and a full test suite.

Copyright and license

This module is copyright © 2011—2015 Mark Trapp. All rights reserved. As required by's licensing guidelines, it is made available via the GPLv2 license or later.

Comments and feedback are welcome and appreciated. Need help on your next project? Let's talk.