Mark Trapp

Jekyll Newline Collapse

This plugin removes extra newlines from rendered Jekyll markup. Based on kerotaa's original remove-empty-lines-html.rb plugin, this version strips newlines from non-HTML files and incorporates a few coding style changes.


This plugin is provided as a gem:

gem install jekyll-itafroma-collapse_newlines

Once the gem is installed, include it in your Jekyll site's configuration:

gems: ['jekyll/itafroma/collapse_newlines']


This plugin is a direct derivative work of kerotaa’s plugin, which is used with permission under the terms of the MIT license. The original plugin is copyright © 2012 kerotaa. The full text of the permission notice required for the MIT license can be found in the source code.

Copyright and license

This plugin in its derivative form is copyright © 2013—2014 Mark Trapp. All rights reserved. It is made available via the MIT license. A copy of the license can be found in the LICENSE file.

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