Mark Trapp

YouTube Subs as Home

One of the most annoying things about the late 2012 vintage of YouTube is that the home page is an amalgam of your subscriptions (not in reverse chronological order, of course) and YouTube's recommendations. I'd rather just have the home page be my subscriptions feed, so when I click on the YouTube logo, it takes me there instead of a page I don't care about.

This is easily fixed by a single line of JavaScript:

document.getElementById('logo-container').href = '/feed/subscriptions'

However, if you're the set-it-and-forget-it type, I wrote a small extension for Safari that fixes this problem and a couple of additional annoyances. More specifically, it changes following:

  • Clicking the YouTube logo will take you to your subscriptions feed.
  • Clicking What to Watch in the guide menu will take you directly to the highlights feed instead of the home page.
  • If you navigate to or directly, you will automatically be redirected to your subscriptions feed.

Copyright and license

This project is copyrighted 2013 myself where applicable. It is licensed via the GPL (v2 only).

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